HOMETOWN: Toronto, ON | MUSIC STYLE: Electronic Music

Sean Listro and Kane Gasparotto are a powerhouse duo from Toronto, Ontario. They are the Neon Knights and are taking their instruments and music to a whole new level in the live electronic music scene.

Both Sean and Kane come from a heavily musical influenced background. Sean has been trained in both classical guitar and electric guitar since the age of 10, and continues to excel his skill on guitar everyday. Kane attended St. Michaels Choir School, world renowned as one of the best all male choirs in the world, for most of his life. Kane gained his musical talents from this school and quickly picked up playing the drums. Over the past few years Kane has drummed alongside the likes of Steve Aoki and Zeds Dead. With Sean, as Neon Knights, they have shared the stage with artists such as Felix Cartel, Andy’s iLL and the Sour DJs to name a few. Kane has dedicated himself to playing drums as Sean has with guitar, and in 2010 the two met and began what would soon become Neon Knights.

Neon Knights took Kane and Sean’s musical talents and applied it to the current electronic dance music scene. They have transferred their musical talents over to DJing and incorporate their instruments into their live show. Neon Knights specialize in spinning/performing Electro House/ Progressive House & Dubstep.

Neon Knights sound can be summed up in a few words: aggressive, heavy riffed, heavy hitting, ‘in your face’ music. They thrive off the energy at every show and transfer that into all of their music leaving people wanting more.